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What is minimum night stay sync?
What is minimum night stay sync?

Minimum night stay sync ensures consistency for your minimum night stay across all of your booking platforms

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If you tend to update your minimum stay settings from your booking platforms, you can enable Minimum Nights Stay Sync in your settings. This will allow us to pull in the latest minimum stay updates from your lead platform, or if further specified - your lead listing, on a rolling 4.5 hour basis, and push the same settings to all your listings within that property.

To enable Minimum Nights Stay Sync:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Preferences

  3. Go to Sync

  4. Toggle on Minimum Nights Stay Sync

  5. Click Save changes

Note that changes made on a non-lead listing or platform are not picked up by our sync tool and will not be synced to our platform and on other booking platforms.

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