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What are the different Timing options for event messages?
What are the different Timing options for event messages?

Set the send time of your messages according to your preferences

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Messaging rules triggered by events (e.g. New Reservation) have three different Timing options:

  1. Prepare (but never send automatically)

  2. Send instantly

  3. Delay for a certain period of time

Prepare (but never send automatically)

With this Timing mode selected, Hospitable will merely prepare the message for your guest but will never send the message automatically. As soon as we detect the event relevant to the messaging rule, you will receive an email notification containing the prepared message for you to send it manually. This option is preferable if you would like to modify the message template before sending it out to your guest.

Send instantly

When a message is set to Send, the message will always be sent immediately after the event is detected.


Event messages can be delayed for up to 60 minutes after an event has occurred. When the status of the reservation changes according to the detected event, the message will only be sent after the specified time has passed. If the a message was sent manually within the specified buffer time, the delayed message will no longer be sent.

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