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How do I restore a deleted review?
How do I restore a deleted review?
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Users can delete a review that has been prepared for the guest if it hasn't been submitted to Airbnb. It is possible to restore a deleted review for as long as Airbnb still allows a review to be submitted for the reservation.

The restore option is only available to the user before the time the review was originally scheduled to be sent to Airbnb (as configured on the Timing of the review rule).

To restore a deleted review:

  1. Go to the conversation page with the guest

  2. Scroll down to the Activity section on the left-hand panel

  3. Click on the deleted review (it should have a star icon beside it and is crossed out)

  4. Click Restore

To restore a deleted review and it is past the scheduled send time of the review, you may contact support. We will be able to restore it and the review will be scheduled to be sent at the last minute of the review period.

Note that we can only restore a deleted review if the review period has not ended. Currently, Airbnb's review period is 14 days after the check-out date.

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