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Reservation Sync helps you prevent double bookings

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Reservation Sync helps you avoid double bookings, and is automatically enabled as long as Sync is turned on for your property.

When a booking is accepted, canceled, or altered, those dates will be blocked/unblocked accordingly for the other listing(s) connected to the property (either with the same property ID or connected via parent-child).

Reservation Sync runs for:

  • other listings within the same property (for example, when you receive a booking on Airbnb, Reservation Sync will block your other listings' calendars)

  • listings in a different property that are linked as the parent/child

In rare cases, a booking channel may not be able to accept our update to your calendar on their platform. When this happens, we will re-attempt to update your calendar a few times within a few minutes. If our update still fails to be accepted, we will email you to let you know that the sync attempt has failed and you should verify your calendar.

If desired, you can import your property iCal to your booking channels as a backup to Reservation Sync.

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