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What is Reservation Sync?
What is Reservation Sync?

Reservation sync helps you prevent double bookings.

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When Sync is turned on in the property page, Reservation sync is automatically activated.

Whenever a booking is accepted, cancelled or altered on one listing, those dates are then blocked/unblocked accordingly in the other listing(s) within 30 seconds to avoid double bookings.

In rare cases, like if a booking channel is experiencing downtimes we may not be able to make that update to block/unblock the calendar on their platform. When this happens, we will re-attempt to update your calendar a few times within a few minutes. If our update still fails to be accepted, we will send you an email informing you that the sync attempt has failed. In this message we will share a link to your property iCal link that we recommended importing into your channel to act as a backup.

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