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How do I share calendars?
How do I share calendars?
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There are several options for sharing calendars, whether to Operations teammates, secondary users or to anybody who is not in your Hospitable account.

Calendar of tasks (iCal)

We generate an iCal URL for each Teammate added in Operations. The iCal feed contains only the tasks that are assigned to that teammate, and does not include reservations. You can obtain the tasks iCal or email it to them from the teammate's profile page.

Calendar of reservations (iCal)

We generate an iCal URL for each property which shows all of its reservations, and does not include tasks.

You can obtain the reservations iCal from the individual property page.

The iCal can be imported into their calendar app of choice, following the instructions in this article.

The tasks iCal and reservations iCal can be used by anyone, including those that are not an Operations teammate or a secondary user.

Hospitable calendar (app)

If you invite someone as a secondary user in User management, they will be able to login to Hospitable using their own credentials and access the Calendar based on the permissions you set for them. We provide different levels of permission for the features and properties.

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