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Property: Details & Pricing
Property: Details & Pricing

What are details, fees, discounts, and security deposits, and how are they used?

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The information in this article refers to the Details and Pricing pages on your selected property’s page.

How Hospitable Uses Your Property's Details, Fees, and Discounts

The details, fees, and discounts are only used to populate your Direct booking website or widget. We do not push this information to your other listings. All fees and discounts need to be set directly on your booking platforms, with one exception: Airbnb security deposits.

Important Note about Airbnb Security Deposits

Unlike other fields, Hospitable can push your Airbnb Security Deposit to the platform. In other words, you can set this on Hospitable and we will push that value to your Airbnb listing.

Where to Find Your Property's Details, Fees, and Discounts

To find the Details and Pricing pages:

  1. Log in to your Hospitable account

  2. Click on Properties on the left-side menu

  3. Click on your property

  4. On the left-side menu on the Merge & match page, click on Details or Pricing

How Hospitable Populates These Fields

The property details, fees, and discounts are pulled in from your Airbnb listing.

If you don't have an Airbnb listing connected, you will need to update it manually in order to populate the information on your Direct booking website.

Note: If your lead listing is a Vrbo or listing, we will still pull in the details from the Airbnb listing on the property to populate these fields.

Updating & Making Changes

Updates from Airbnb

We sync with your Airbnb listing details every two hours. If you have made a change on Airbnb and wish to sync those details sooner, you can use the Resync button at the top right corner of the Details page.

Manual Updates

You can make manual changes by simply clicking on the field and changing the number. However, as a reminder, these changes are not pushed to the other platforms. With the exception of Airbnb Security Desposits, we only use the information for your Direct booking website.

Once a field is edited in Hospitable, it is unlinked from Airbnb. This means that future changes made on Airbnb will not be reflected on Hospitable. If you wish to re-link a field to Airbnb, you may contact our support team to have it reset.

The Airbnb icon is colored for property details that are pulled from Airbnb.

The icon turns to grey after edits are made in Hospitable and we stop pulling updates for this item from your Airbnb listing.

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