Security deposits for Airbnb

You can set an offline security deposit to be required for your Airbnb guest reservations.

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Airbnb no longer allows hosts to charge a required security deposit to guests unless the host sets up a security deposit through an API-connected software, such as ours!

You can read Airbnb's article here.

What this means

  • You will be required to collect the security deposit offline - outside of the regular Airbnb booking process.

  • Currently, will not process or collect these security deposits.

  • Currently, there is no other automation in our system related to collecting deposits, such as: auto accepting a booking after a deposit has been paid or notifying you that a deposit has been paid.

  • The offline deposit requirements will still be communicated during the guest's booking process on Airbnb.

Setting your deposit

To set your requested security deposit amount:

  1. Go to Properties

  2. Select the property that you wish to add a security deposit to

  3. Select Pricing > Security deposit

  4. Set the amount that you would like to collect as a security deposit


  • Include information about how you will be collecting the security deposit in a New Reservation messaging rule.

  • If you will be collecting security deposits through a payment processor (ie. Stripe, PayPal), you can also include a payment link so that the guest can link directly to the payment portal.

  • If a guest has questions about this Airbnb policy, you can direct them to Airbnb's article related to offline collected fees here.

Alternative Option

We integrate with which allows you to process security deposits, guest vetting, contracts, and many other things through their system. Check out their website to see if it would be a good fit for you.

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