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GDPR Compliance at Hospitable
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At Hospitable we take GDPR compliance, privacy, and the storing of data seriously.

If you would like to read our full privacy policy, including information about consent, cookies, and disclosure, you can check out the full policy here:

In addition to our current GDPR compliance, we are currently monitoring progress with the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, which should result in a more standardized and streamlined process. You can read about that framework here:

Please note that if you are using Hospitable's Direct Booking Widget, it is not strictly GDPR compliant as this data is securely stored in the US (Transferring data is allowed under GDPR with ‘appropriate safeguards’ noted in GDPR article 46). Hospitable also implements supplementary measures with our own organizational and technical controls, and by only working with vendors with internationally recognized security standards.

If you would like to exercise your data rights (or if you have any questions at all regarding privacy and data protection), you can reach out to our awesome support team at: [email protected]

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