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How does smart lock code communication and backup codes work?
How does smart lock code communication and backup codes work?
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Note: These features are currently available to those with beta features enabled, and will be released for all users after further monitoring.

Guest Code Communication


To ensure your guests always receive the correct smart lock code in time for check-in, we send a message containing the code 10 minutes before it's scheduled to become active, taking into account your set buffer time (if any), to ensure a smooth arrival.

We will only send a code communication message on your behalf if there is an issue setting the code, or if the code hasn't been previously communicated in another message with the %smartlock_code% shortcode.

The Message

Our code communication message is designed for reliability and consistency. While it cannot be customized, it maintains a human-like tone. You can find the exact message wording in your smart lock settings.

Rest assured, this feature won't affect your ability to use the %smartlock_code% shortcode in other messages, allowing you to maintain flexibility and personalization in your communications.

Where it's sent

If a guest booked through Airbnb, Vrbo or,they will receive a notification through the messaging system on those platforms.

For guests who booked via Direct or have a manual booking, they'll receive the code via email and SMS (if their phone number is available).

Host it's sent from (Airbnb)

If multiple hosts are set for a specific listing, the last host to send a message in the guest conversation will be the sending host selected for the code communication message.

Backup Codes

If we cannot confirm that the code has been successfully set on the lock, we automatically provide a backup code to the guest without any action needed from you. When a backup code is used it will remain active on the lock until the guest's check-out time, plus any configured buffer. After that, Hospitable deletes the used backup code and provisions another one for future use on your lock.

Creating backup codes

Two backup codes are set for each property connected to a lock, as soon as you match your locks to a property in Hospitable. These backup codes are always active on the lock and are not shared with the guest unless we encounter an issue provisioning a reservation-specific code for them.

When Are Backup Codes Shared?

If a backup code must be used it will be sent in the regular code communication message 10 minutes before the the code is set to be active.

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