Tutorial: the sofa bed

Include instructions for an extra bed only for a certain number of guests

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Create instructions for a sofa bed.

Imagine you have two different listings, and one of them (let's call it Versailles) has a sofa bed.

That sofa bed is only used when you host a group of 3 guests or more.

You would like to give instructions on how to use the sofa bed in Versailles, but not affect the messages for your other listing, and only show these instructions when they are effectively interesting for your guests.

Here is how you can automatically do it, using custom codes.

Restrict the custom code to the relevant listing

In that case, you can create a custom code just for your listing Versailles.

Select Versailles in the list of properties under Scope, create a %%sofabed%% custom code, and then enter your instructions for using the sofa bed in the text field.

Restrict the custom code for certain reservations

To make sure that this custom code will only be seen when the guests will actually need it, you can add as a condition "The reservation is for 3 guests or more".

If Versailles has a capacity of 4, that custom code will be used when you have a reservation for 3 or 4 guests.

Use short codes

You can naturally include classic, system short codes, such as %guests% to include the number of guests or %nights% for the number of nights. You can include those codes within your custom code's text.

Click Create, and it's almost done!

Simulate and check it works as expected

There is still one last thing to do, of course: include your custom code in your templates.

You can just add %%sofabed%% where you would like to give those instructions. For example, when you send instructions for check-in, or after the reservation was accepted.

The custom code will only be included :
• if the reservation concerns Versailles, and
• if the reservation if for 3 guests or more.

When both conditions are met, your custom code will be replaced by your sofa bed instructions.

If the reservation concerns another listing, the custom code will not be replaced with the matching text, and the custom code will be erased.

If the reservation concerns Versailles, but is only for 2 guests, the custom code will not be replaced, and will be erased.

We use the example of a reservation, but it would also work in the case of a booking inquiry.

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