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Manage your plan from the Subscription tab in the Settings menu.

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You can manage most aspects of your plan from the Subscription tab. You can reach this by going to Settings > Subscription. The tab is split into 5 sections:

Just so you know โ€“ the information featured on this page is only applicable to your base subscription.

While charges for your Direct plan can be seen on your invoice, this is managed by going to Direct > Your Plan.

Your Plan

For active users, the banner at the top of the page will tell you your next payment date and amount, as well as reminding you of how awesome you are. Trialing users will be told when their trial ends and how much their invoices would be - based on the current number of active properties. If you have previously had a free trial or canceled a subscription, the banner will indicate when it ended and how much it would be to restart your subscription.

Depending on the status of your subscription, the following sections may appear:

  • Billing details allows you to view and update the currently registered billing address. This can be either a personal or business account. (Also accessible via the Billing Details tab).

  • Payment methods allows you to update the payment method you have registered. This can be updated at any time. (Also accessible via the Payment Methods tab).

  • Upgrade your plan is where you can change your plan. To use new features, such as AI integration, some users will need to upgrade to a new plan.

  • Invest into Hospitable, Inc gives you the opportunity to invest in Hospitable and help support our growth.

  • Stop your subscription will start a chat with one of our agents to help you with canceling.

  • Start your subscription is where you can enter your billing details and payment method. Click Subscribe to get started! Please note that we will only charge you once your trial has ended.

  • Stop your trial period will start a chat with one of our agents to help you with ending your trial.

Active Properties

Here, we'd like to point out how we are charging you. Your base rate includes your first two active properties. An active property is a property that has had a check-in with the billing period. If you have had no check-ins within that period, or have less than 2 active properties, you'll still pay the full base rate.

After your first two active listings, extra properties are billed at a set rate (varies by currency). If the property isn't active, we don't charge you for it!

This page details which of your properties are classed as active or free. From the dropdown menu in the top-right corner, you can select to view specific invoices or an estimation for your next invoice.


You can view and download all historical invoices in PDF format from here. Each invoice includes itemized billing, so you can see exactly what you have been charged for.

Billing Details

You can update your billing address from this tab. You can select either a personal or business address. Entered details must match those registered with your payment method.

Payment Methods

You can link as many payment methods as you need from this screen. We recommend that you register at least one backup method; we'll try to take payment from there in case your primary method doesn't work.

We accept:

  • Visa (all currencies)

  • MasterCard (all currencies)

  • AMEX/AmericanExpress (in all currencies, but not SGD)

  • Discover (in EUR, USD).

  • PayPal (all currencies)

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