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FAQs & Troubleshooting - Calendar
FAQs & Troubleshooting - Calendar

In this article, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to the Calendar.

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Here are some questions that we see regularly. We want you to immediately get an answer, so see if your question is answered here before contacting us!

Can I export an iCal feed for my calendar?

You can export both your Property iCal or Teammate iCal feeds. A Property iCal displays the reservations associated with a particular property. Each entry provides multiple pieces of information, including the guest's name, the total number of guests, and check-in and check-out times, among others.

A Teammate iCal displays the tasks assigned to a particular teammate. Each entry provides the time and date they are required and the address of the property, plus more!

Check out this article to learn more!

How can I import an iCal feed from another platform?

This isn't currently supported but has been raised as a feature request. You can vote for it here!

How often is my calendar synced?

We continuously pull in reservation information to place blocks on your calendar and avoid conflicting bookings.

Any manual updates made to your Hospitable calendar will immediately be pushed to all channels, regardless of sync settings.

Non-reservation-related availability, pricing, and min-night stay are pulled in from your lead listing every 4.5 hours - if those sub-sync options are enabled in your Sync Settings - and pushed to your other connected channels.

If you have PriceLabs connected, they send an update once a day. Price updates are pushed to your properties during the following sync action.

Your channels are also synced every 2.5 hours for any changes to your listing data or if new listings have been added. This can be sped up by selecting Re-Sync for the channel on the Connected Accounts page.

Why are dates on my calendar being blocked?

You can see the source of the block by selecting the date(s) and looking at the toolbar on the right-side of the page. In the top portion, you will see the source. We will only block a date if:

  • We have detected a booking on one of your connected channels/Direct booking page.

  • You have closed the date on Hospitable yourself.

If it is none of the above, you will want to check the source of the block directly. For example, you may have an availability rule set up on Airbnb which is forcing the dates to close. These rules will override any information we attempt to send.

Why have I received a Reservation Sync Failed email?

We have tried to block the calendar on a connected channel, but we were unsuccessful on the first attempt. We will continue trying to place the block and are usually successful on the second or third attempt, but we let you know as early as possible so you can manually attempt to do it. We don't want you getting any double bookings!

As a backup, you could import your property iCal into the connected channels. This way, even if Reservation Sync fails, the channel will detect the reservation on your calendar and apply the relevant block.

Why isn't my availability/pricing syncing with Airbnb/Vrbo/

The most common cause is having custom availability or pricing rules set on the particular channel. These rules, such as Rolling availability or Smart pricing on Airbnb, will override the information we send. Try removing the rules!

Another common cause is having another PMS connected alongside Hospitable. This can result in conflicts when attempting to sync information. Ensure any tools you have previously used are completely disconnected!

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