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How to activate Priority Support?
How to activate Priority Support?

Priority support is available worldwide to all our customers

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Priority Support is an optional add-on to your active subscription. This provides you specific features to improve your support experience, both in terms of speed and accessibility, while still receiving answers from product experts.

To activate your subscription:

  • Click on Settings, then Subscription

  • Click on Support Tiers within the Subscription section

  • Select your Support Tier

By default, you will find yourself on our "Award-Winning Support Team" support tier, which is a free tier available to all our active customers.

If you are opting to join our Priority Support customers, please follow the steps by clicking Upgrade. You will be presented with relevant pricing information in your currency, followed by instructions to setup your WhatsApp live chat support.

Due to the nature of Priority Support, Hospitable will charge you a one-off fee upon activation of your Priority Support plan. The amount charged is calculated as the pro-rata of what your Priority Support would cost to cover the period until your monthly subscription renewal date. Upon renewal, Priority Support will be included in your monthly charge and invoice.

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