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Push Notifications

You can enable push notifications on your web browser or mobile app (iOS or Android).

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Which Push Notifications Are Sent?

  • All new messages from guests across all of our supported channels: Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking, Direct, and manual.

  • "Short notice," or a message that has been prepared to be sent "last minute" to a guest.

  • Occasional notifications in relation to a large outage, upcoming Townhall on Zoom, etc.


Primary users, as well as secondary users with inbox permissions, can receive push notifications. Secondary users will only receive push notifications for the properties they have access to.

How to Enable Push Notifications

  • On the web, you’ll be asked if you would like to receive notifications the first time you open the Inbox.

  • On your mobile app, you’ll be asked when you first launch the application.

How to Disable Push Notifications

  • To opt-out of Push Notifications, you’ll need to disable Hospitable Notifications on your phone or web browser. If you need further assistance with this, please reach out to support and share the device and/or browser you’re using.


  • If you don’t receive an expected push notification, double-check your settings to ensure that notifications are enabled on your phone app or web browser.

  • If a message from the guest wasn’t sent alongside an accepted booking or request to book, we won’t send a push notification. If you’d like to receive notifications for this, you can set up Notification Rules under Operations (SMS or email).

  • Need more help? Reach out to support and the notification you were expecting to receive.

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