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Replying to Guest reviews for Airbnb with AI
Replying to Guest reviews for Airbnb with AI
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Airbnb allows guests up to 14 days after checkout to leave a review for their stay. These reviews, once published, are visible on your listing for all future potential guests. This means responding to guest reviews on Airbnb is a crucial aspect of maintaining a positive reputation as a host. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, your response can significantly impact potential guests' perceptions of your property.

Here’s how Hospitable helps you stay on top of and reply to guest reviews:

Find guest reviews in your Hospitable Inbox

For all your Airbnb reservations, once a guest has checked out and submitted a review for their stay on Airbnb, we show the guest review as well as any private feedback they've left for you as part of the conversation you've had with the guest in your Hospitable Inbox. This can happen within 14 days after the guest's checkout, so you can submit a reply to this review as soon as it's visible in the Inbox.

These reviews are translated and viewable in your preferred language in the Inbox to allow you to understand, reply to, and act on any feedback effectively.

Replying to guest reviews with Hospitable AI

When Hospitable receives a new guest review from Airbnb for a reservation, our AI detects the review's tone and other contexts related to the reservation to craft and suggest a reply. This review reply is visible to you by default as a draft and can be cleared, edited, or sent as is.

You can submit a review reply to Airbnb via Hospitable up to 30 days after receiving a guest review, and as soon as a reply is submitted, it becomes visible on your listing on the Airbnb website and app as well.

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