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Direct 101: Training Videos

Set up your Hospitable Direct properties, plans, payouts, website, and more by following this step-by-step video series

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Explore the videos below for a walk-through of the Direct setup process.

Direct Plans

Select the Plan that works best for you.

Payout Methods Setup

Connect your bank account and verify your payout Method

Creating a Hospitable Site

Everything you need to know about creating your Direct Hospitable Site

Self-Hosted Site Setup

Sample ways to add the Direct Hospitable Widget to your Self-Hosted Site

Getting Ready for your Direct Booking

Ensure your setup is complete before you start getting your bookings

Google Vacation Rentals

Start scoping your properties for Google Vacation Rentals and review your actual standing on searches

Direct Quotes

Create a payment link for a specific amount you set for your guests so they won't need to start from scratch through your site

Direct Booking Flow

Understand what the guests go through to complete the booking including when you can accept booking requests

Managing your Direct Booking

Alteration, Cancellation, collecting fees and doing partial refunds on Direct Bookings


Understanding your Payout History

Promo Codes

Create a discount or fixed value promo code for your guest.


Understand how Direct Pricing works. Add markups, fees and compare with OTA pricing

Guest Portal & Rental Agreement

Learn what guests see when a booking is accepted and what you can add and edit.

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