The “Chance of Booking” Indicator

Focus your efforts on the guests that are most likely book by using the Chance of Booking Indicator.

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Part of Guest Insights, the “Chance of Booking” Indicator allows you to focus your efforts on the guests who are the most likely to book. By identifying guests with a higher likelihood of making a reservation, you can more efficiently allocate your resources and improve your overall booking success.

The indicator

The Chance of Booking Indicator measures friction, experience, and engagement. It’s dynamic and is updated as the comprising components change.

Component 1: Friction

The more hurdles a guest has to go through, the less likely they are to complete a booking.

New Airbnb guests who have yet to complete their profile details are less likely to book a place than more experienced users. Here are some factors that are taken into consideration:

  • Profile Picture: Guests are required to post a profile picture to complete the booking and contact the host in the first place.

  • Verified Email: Will the guest receive Airbnb emails when you send a reply?

  • Verified Phone number: Will the guest receive SMS notifications?

  • Verified ID: This step is often required by hosts. It is encouraged to give access to Instant Book.

  • Payment Method on File: Has the guest registered a payment method with Airbnb?

Component 2: Experience

Guests with more experience on Airbnb know more about the process and have a higher chance of booking a place. However, they are also more likely to contact several hosts.

  • Reviews: The more reviews a guest has received, the easier it is for them to book a place (for example, with Instant Book).

Component 3: Engagement

A guest who reached out to you recently is likely prioritizing booking an Airbnb. Also, as a general rule, users who compose longer messages tend to be more invested in your property. They're also inclined to provide additional details, making it easier for you to promptly accept or decline their request.

  • Time since the last message

  • Length of the last message

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