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Can I send a message from the inbox to a group of guests?
Can I send a message from the inbox to a group of guests?

You can send a message to a group of guests that you select.

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You are able to send a mass message to a specific group of guests by selecting conversations in the inbox.

First, you will need to create a canned response. This comes with an advantage, since with canned responses you can include short codes and custom codes. This allows you to still have a personal touch to messages sent as a one-off batch.

Once the canned response is created, you can proceed to sending this canned response as a "batch" to guests that you are selecting.

  1. Go to the Inbox

  2. Click on "+ Filter" to narrow down the conversations to the group you wish to send a message to. You may also select conversations individually and skip to step 4.

  • For example, you can select "Currently staying" and send a message to all guests who are currently staying with you to alert them to an emergency in the area.

  • You can also select guest that will be checking-in in the future, in a given property, to inform them of some construction work planned in the neighbourhood.

  1. Click on the Select all on this page option.

  2. Click on Send a message.

  3. Select a canned response that will be used to send the message. You may also create a new canned response if you have not done so yet.

  4. Click on the Send to.. guests button to start sending. You will see the progress of for each message being sent.

  5. After all messages have been sent, click the Refresh inbox button to get a fresh view of your inbox.

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