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Message Multiple Guests at Once From the Inbox
Message Multiple Guests at Once From the Inbox

You can send a personalized mass message to a selected group of guests

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Step 1: Create a Canned Response

First, you will want to create a canned response. You can find those steps here.

To personalize the bulk message for each guest, you can insert short codes and/or custom codes in your canned response template.

Step 2: Select Guests to Message

Now that the canned response is created, you can choose which guests to message.

  1. Go to the Inbox

  2. Select the guests you wish to message.

    • To select guests individually: click on the box next to the guests you wish to send the message to.

    • To use filters to narrow down guests (for example, if you only want to send the message to guests who are currently staying at your properties):

      • Click on "+ Filter" to narrow the conversations to the group you wish to message

        Filter examples:

        • Select "Currently staying" and send a message to all guests who are currently staying with you to alert them of an event or emergency in the area.

        • Select guests in a specific property with a future check-in date to inform them of some construction work planned in the neighborhood.

  3. To select all guests on a page: after selecting one guest, you will also see a Select all on this page option appear at the top of the list. You can then go to page 2 and repeat those steps.

Step 3: Send

  1. Once all guests are selected, click on Send a message at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select a canned response that will be used to send the message. You may also create a new canned response here.

  3. Click on the Send to # guests button to start sending the messages.

  4. Once this is complete, click the Refresh inbox button to get a fresh view of your inbox.

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