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How Hospitable Defines Properties
How Hospitable Defines Properties

A property on Hospitable is a grouping of one or more listings for the same property

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Properties are a group of listings from different booking platforms for the same physical property.

For billing purposes, you are charged per active property (not per active listing).

How to Create a Property

You can merge listings from different platforms together, which tells Hospitable to treat them as one property.

Let’s say your property, Maple Manor, is listed on Airbnb, VRBO and After connecting those accounts to Hospitable, you will merge them into a single property.

​Merging tells Hospitable that Maple Manor's listings on each of the platforms belong to the same physical property, allowing us to sync reservations, as well as any calendar values (according to your sync settings).

You should group your listings into properties if:

  • you host a listing on multiple platforms and want to consolidate their management

  • you manage co-hosted listings

  • you have created A/B test listings

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