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Automating your replies to questions
How to set up an automated answer to a question
How to set up an automated answer to a question

Learn how to automatically detect and answer guest questions by setting up a question rule that sends at just the right time.

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Our Questions AI feature scans all your guests' messages for questions and replies to them automatically with the answers you have created for them. It is not intended to respond to random comments or unique problems that need a specific answer.

To save you time and effort while providing quick and accurate responses to common guest questions, we recommend that you set up answers to as many questions as possible. Check out the full list of all question topics we're able to detect.

Create a question rule to set up an automatic response:

  1. Click on Messaging rules in the left sidebar

  2. Click on +Add new at the top right of the page

  3. Under Reply to a question about... select the question topic you want to automate a reply for

Create your response

  • Responses are sent based on the stage of the reservation (ie. before a reservation, before check-in, staying). Consider what kind of answer is relevant to the questions you get at the stage(s) included in this response.

  • Do not add any greetings or salutations to your answer template. Hospitable will add a greeting automatically if you have not messaged the guest within 6 hours.

Select the desired Timing

If you change the Timing option for one of the question rules, this will be applied to all other question rules as it is a global setting.

  • Default: Prepare the answer - never send automatically. When a question is detected we will send you an email with the prepared response with options to send and edit.

  • Recommended: Send Instantly. When a question is detected we will send the response to the guest immediately when detected.

Settings: select when this reply is relevant

The answer will only be sent when the question is asked during the chosen stage of the conversation.

  • Before a reservation: Before a reservation is accepted.

  • Before check-in: Before the guest checks in, after the reservation is accepted.

  • Staying: While the guest is staying.

One or multiple reservation stages can be selected for a single rule; just be sure your reply is relevant for that stage.
The same reply doesn't make sense at every stage of a reservation. A question about WiFi before a booking is accepted is often checking that WiFi is provided, fast, and reliable. A question about WiFi during the stay is usually asking for the password or mentioning an issue faced by the guest.

Select the Scope you want the rule to apply to:

  • Booking Platforms

  • Connected Host Accounts

  • Properties

โ€‹If you would like to see additional question categories, you can add your feature requests directly here. We will announce when new question categories are being worked on / released.

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