To reap the benefits of our Questions component, we recommend that you set up answers to as many questions as possible.

These answers will be automatically sent to your guests whenever our system detects relevant questions from them. This enables you to provide accurate, consistent and timely information to your guests when they need it.

To set up an automatic response, you need to create a question rule:

  1. Click on Messaging rules in the left sidebar

  2. Click on +Add new at the top right of the page

  3. Under Reply to a question about... select the category

You can configure your question rule with these options:

  • Timing

  • Stage of the conversation

  • Platforms

  • Connected host accounts

  • Properties

Keep in mind that your message template should not contain any salutations. Our system will automatically add that in depending on your last interaction with the guest.

Stage of the conversation

You can define at which stage of the conversation the reply is relevant (Before reservation, Before check-in, Staying). The reply will only be sent when the question is detected during the selected stage.

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