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Automating emails and SMS notifications
What types of notifications can I send to my teammates?
What types of notifications can I send to my teammates?

Send notifications for events, reminders, and tasks to your teammates.

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Smooth communication with your team may require sending a lot of different notifications to your cleaners, concierge team or property owners. We can help you automate communication with your team using notification rules.

When creating a notification rule, you can choose notifications from three categories. All types of notifications can be sent via email or SMS. Learn how to create a notification rule.

Notify for an event

This type of notification allows sending messages immediately after one of the following events is registered.

  • New reservation

  • New alteration

  • New cancellation

  • New inquiry

These notifications also offer an option of attaching an iCal file to the message which includes reservation details.

Schedule a reminder

Reminders are messages sent per reservation and scheduled based on the check-in or the check-out time. These notification rules will be sent to the entire team selected at the set timing.

Notify of a task

Task notifications are sent to the teammate assigned to the task. The notification can be triggered by:

  • Task assigned

  • Task updated

  • Task cancelled

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