How to create a notification rule?

Notification rules enable you to send automated notifications to your team members.

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In order for your teammates to receive automatic notifications about reservations and assigned tasks, relevant notification rules must be set up. These rules can be tailored to specific teams and properties and can be sent either as an email or SMS.

You can read more on the different types of notifications here.

To create a notification rule:

  1. Go to Operations

  2. Click on Notification rules in the left sidebar

  3. Click on "+ Add new" at the top right corner of the page

  4. Select the type of notification

  5. On the rule editor page, select the delivery type (Email/SMS)

  6. Write the template of your notification in the message editor.

Tip: You can use short codes to pull in dynamic information pertaining to the reservation, listing and assigned team member. Examples are:

  • %check_in_hour%

  • %listing_full_address%

  • %teammate_first_name%

  • %task_start_time%

The full list of short codes are found here.

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