Canned responses are just like any other rules, and therefore you can also use short codes and custom codes directly in your Canned responses templates. This helps you make sure to not have generic messages, but instead populate them with a personal touch.

You can for example use %guest_first_name% directly in your Canned responses template to make sure the guests are always addressed with their name (and many more).

You can include short codes and custom codes directly by typing % (the percent sign) in your templates, and then either type to search in the list, or just scroll through the menu that will become available.

  • Short codes will be replaced by the actual values from the conversation where they are being used, in real-time, so the messages can still be personal.

  • Airbnb only: if you have returning guests, we will populate the canned responses with the details from the booking that was booked (ie, accepted) most recently.

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