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Include Answers in Your Event Messages Using the %answers% Short Code
Include Answers in Your Event Messages Using the %answers% Short Code

The %answers% short code allows you to answer guest questions within your inquiry, request to book, and reservation rules.

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You can automatically prepare or send answers to many of your guests' most common questions using Question Rules. These answers can also be embedded in Event Messaging Rules using the %answers% short code.

For example, a guest may send an inquiry and ask about WiFi speeds at your property. If you have a New Inquiry event message that includes the %answers% short code, we will include your prepared answer about WiFi in the message, exactly where the short code %answers% is located. If multiple questions are detected, we will send all of your relevant replies in the same order they were detected.

Answers will only be sent automatically if both the event messaging rule and the question rule are set to send automatically. If this is not the case, the message will be prepared, but not sent automatically.

Can I use it in scheduled messages (rules based on the check-in/check-out time)?

No. %answers% has value in event-triggered messages because it means any questions included in a guest's inquiry/booking request/instant book will also be addressed without the need to send a separate message. If you were to insert it in the scheduled message, the guest will then have to wait for some time before their question is answered. For that reason we designed it so that should the guest ask the question at any other time, then the answer is generated immediately.

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