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Can I see if a guest booking a property is a local?
Can I see if a guest booking a property is a local?

A local guest badge is displayed on guests that live within close proximity to the listing.

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The moment a guest contacts you for the first time, our system generates Guest Insights which are displayed in the Inbox conversation, right below their first message.

If a guest lives within 100km from the listing, a local guest badge will be displayed, along with the approximate distance. This insight is based on the location on the guest's profile.

This information is useful to hosts since the nature of the stay may be different if a local is booking the property. To be specific, anecdotal evidence has shown that locals are more likely to hold parties at properties they book.

When a host sees that a local guest is inquiring or requesting to book, they would want to find out more about their stay as a precautionary measure.

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