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Muting Properties

Muting properties excludes them from our services and the user's billing.

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When you connect a Vrbo or Airbnb account to Hospitable, we automatically import all listings detected in the account.

Because of this, you may wish to exclude some properties from our services. This may. be the case, for example, if you manage only some of your client's listings.

In this case, you can mute the properties linked to these listings. You will not be charged for muted properties. You can learn more about our pricing here.

How to Mute a Property

You can mute a property be going to Properties, clicking on the property, and then selecting Mute at the bottom of the page.

Note: only primary users can mute or unmute properties

What Happens When a Property is Muted?

  • The property will be removed from the All Properties view. You will only be able to see it by clicking on Properties > Muted Properties segment.

  • Messaging rules and notification rules will stop working for this property. All scheduled messages linked to the property are deleted.

  • The property will be removed from the selectable list under Scope on a rule configuration page.

  • Log items related to the property will be excluded from the Guest Experience and Operations Log pages.

  • The property will be removed from the Calendar.

  • The property will be excluded from Metrics reports.

  • The property will not appear in the public API; attempts to fetch data for it will result in an error.

  • The property will be excluded from charges, and will be classed as part of the Free listings on the Active listings page. Changes in the billing arising from muting or unmuting a property will be reflected in the next invoice.

The primary Hospitable user will receive an email confirmation whenever a property is muted or unmuted.

Muting a property does not Snooze, Unlist, or Deactivate your listing on the OTA. You'll need to do this directly on the respective platform. Hospitable does not have the ability to Snooze, Unlist, or Deactivate your listing on the OTAs.

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