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Property Sync

What does the Sync toggle on the Property's page do?

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Hospitable's Sync feature allows you to synchronize the calendars for your property's listings. Sync is an umbrella term that encompasses Reservation sync, Pricing Sync, Availability Sync, and Minimum Night Stay sync.
​Reservation Sync protects you against double bookings by blocking your other listing's calendars when a reservation is received (for listings within the same property, as well as related parent-child listings). It is enabled by default when Sync is on.
The other Sub-Sync (Availability Sync, Pricing Sync, and Minimum Nights Stay Sync) settings allow Hospitable to pull in changes made to your lead listing's calendar and copy those changes to your other listing's calendars.

How to Change Sync Settings

Enable/Disable Sync for a Particular Property

When listings are first merged into a single property, Sync will be enabled by default. When you select a property (Properties > Click on your Property), you'll see the Sync toggle to enable/disable Sync for this specific property.

Disabling Sync here will disable all Sync settings for this specific property, including Reservation Sync. In most instances, this is not recommended.

Enable/Disable Sub-Sync Settings (Availability, Pricing, and Minimum Night Stay)

You can change these Sync settings at the account level by going to Settings > Preferences > Sync.

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