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How to Remove or Archive Inquiries
How to Remove or Archive Inquiries
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Inquiries can be found using your Inbox filter for Inquiries, as well as on the main dashboard. As long as the status doesn’t change from Inquiry, it will be included (in other words, an Inquiry that turned into an Accepted reservation will not show up when looking at Inquiries). This includes “old” inquiries that have been read and responded to.

What Archiving Inquiries Does

Archiving inquiries doesn’t delete the message threads; rather, their status will be changed from Inquiry to Expired. The message threads will remain accessible in your Inbox.

Note that this is applied to all message threads that have the Inquiry status at the time this action is completed.

How to Clear Inquiries

To archive inquiries from your inbox, contact support through our help chat or by emailing [email protected]. We can clear these inquiries for you.

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