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Change a Guest’s Name or Nickname
Change a Guest’s Name or Nickname

You can update the name of a guest to better personalize automated messages

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You may notice that some guests like to use a different name than the one they booked the reservation under (for example, "Christopher" may prefer to go by "Chris," or "Sarah" may actually use their middle name, "Marie"). When this happens, it's a nice touch to have future automated messages use their preferred name instead.

You can update the name of a guest directly within the conversation thread. The preferred name will then be used in any subsequent automated messages that use the %guest_first_name% and %guest_last_name% shortcodes.

To set the preferred name for a guest:

  1. Open the guest’s conversation thread

  2. Click on the guest’s first or last name at the top of the screen

  3. Change the existing name to the preferred name of the guest

  4. Once you’re finished editing, click outside the guest name box or hit enter

  5. The guest's preferred name has been saved

To view the original name:

  1. Hover over the guest's name in the conversation thread

  2. If a preferred name has been set, a tooltip will show the guest's original name

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