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Can I refer someone to Hospitable?

Learn about our Referral Program

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Are you interested in recommending Hospitable to your friends or colleagues? We are excited to hear that! To show our love, we have a referral program accessible to all current Hospitable customers.

When you refer someone else to Hospitable using your unique referral link, we will give each of you a $30 credit when they subscribe! Credits will be applied to your next bill and will be applied to the referred account for their first billed month. Please note that if your pricing is grandfathered (i.e. you subscribed before October 3, 2022) the credit for the referrer and referee is $10 each.

All Hospitable users are automatically signed up for the referral program!

Where to find your referral link

  1. Click on your name at the bottom of the main navigation page.

  2. Select Refer a host

  3. Your unique referral link is beneath the header SHARE YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK

You can use the quick links provided to share your referral link through any of the supported apps and social media channels.

How to send the invitation email from Hospitable

You can share your referral link directly, or you can invite them from Hospitable through a prepared email:

  1. Under the section Invite by email enter their email address

  2. To preview or modify the email subject and/or content, click on Preview Email below

  3. Click Send Invites

How to check the status of your referrals

Under the REFERRAL STATUS section you can find the status of your referrals:

  • Sent email invite - the invite was sent but the user hasn't signed up

  • Signed up for trial (not a referral yet) - user has signed up for a trial, but has not activated a subscription

  • Successfully referred! - user has paid to activate their subscription after the trial

I didn't receive a credit. Why?

If your credit wasn't applied, one of the following may have occurred:

  • The referred host didn't sign up using the unique referral link or invitation email.

  • The referred host's account was canceled prior to the first invoice. This can occur, for example, if the free trial period ends prior to a host adding a payment method. Once an account is canceled, the credit will no longer apply.

  • The referred host hasn't paid their first invoice yet. Credits will be added to the first invoice.

Still unsure? Please reach out to Support for more assistance.

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