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Can User Management users receive notifications from
Can User Management users receive notifications from

Options for secondary users to get notified about reservations

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At this time, only primary Hospitable users receive email notifications in relation to reservations (e.g. whenever a message is sent to a guest) and other updates about Hospitable services. If a secondary user was invited to access your Hospitable account through our User Management feature, they won't be able to receive email notifications from us by default.

To make sure your team stays in the loop, there are a couple of ways to send them notifications:

  • Include them as a Teammate

    Setting someone up as a Teammate in Operations will allow you to send notifications to these teammates in email or SMS format. Note that Notification Rules in Operations can only be triggered by certain reservation events and changes to tasks and can be scheduled before or after check-in or check-out.

  • Our email routing service lets you create a unique alias email address under the domain proxy and re-direct all emails to one or several other email addresses. You can set the newly created alias email as your account email, and add yours and the secondary user's emails as the recipients in your email route. Note that all email notifications meant for the account owner, including ones about your subscription, will also be forwarded to the other recipients through the alias.

    Learn more about how to set up email routing here.

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