Property Images

Airbnb has a limit on image dimensions, so some images synced from them may appear blurry.

  • It is recommended to have property images at a minimum 1024px x 683px

Hero (Banner) Images

Hero images, also called banner images, stretch to the width of the screen, with a max-height of about 550px. So, the wider the photo is, the better! Height is not as important.

  • It is recommended to have banner images at a minimum 2560px x 550px.

Image size limits

Rather than impose limits to the size of images you can upload to your direct booking website, we run your images through an image size optimiser. This is to avoid slow load times due to large file sizes. This can result in some quality loss of larger images, but ultimately serves to make your site more user friendly.

How to Upload Images

Hero images are uploaded in the Direct Booking section.

  • Select Direct in the main menu

  • Select your website

  • Click on Design in the sub-menu

  • Click Add Images + under Hero background slider images

Images can be cropped in our editor when you upload them.

We also optimize image file sizes, so you won't experience slow load times with large images.

Check out our Direct Bookings Overview article to learn more about this feature.

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