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Hospitable's integration with Google Vacation Rentals (GVR) bring zero cost direct booking leads from Google Travel straight to your Direct site. Google accounts for about 10% of all Direct bookings at Hospitable. It's available to all Direct Basic and Direct Premium hosts with qualifying properties.

Scoping your property sites to Google

All Direct Basic and Direct Premium customers are now able to scope their properties to be listed with Google Vacation Rentals. Once you've setup Direct:

  1. Check some or all of your properties to scope them to Google

  2. If you have multiple sites, select the site URL you would like to use for each property

    1. If you are not using a Hospitable site, you'll need to input your URLs as a self-hosted site

  3. Save your changes

When you save new properties to GVR, we will begin to sync your sites with Google so they can be reviewed according to their listing requirements. It can take up to two weeks before new properties appear on Google.

  • Pending: Your property will display a Pending badge while Google is reviewing it.

  • Live: Once your property is live on Google, you will see a green View on Google button. Click on the button to open the property's GVR landing page.

  • Issues: If there are any problems, we will display a yellow Issues badge. Hover on the badge to see the feedback from Google.

Requirements to list on Google

  • A direct booking site, either:

  • Entire properties only; no private rooms, no hotels, no grouped properties

  • A Direct payout method

  • A full address

  • A summary of the property

  • At least one amenity

  • Minimum 8 high-resolution photos (recommended 20+)

    • Must include at least one photo of living room, common area, and bathroom

    • Recommended resolution: 1920 x 1080 px

    • Maximum height and width: 4000 px

    • Maximum size: 10 MB

    • File format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP

    • Orientation: Landscape

    • No watermark or branding should be in the images

    • The image order is auto-generated and cannot be changed

Note that the maximum length of stay on Google is 30 days, so if your minimum stay is greater than 30 days, those dates will appear as unavailable on Google.

Monitoring your performance

Once your properties are live on Google, you'll start seeing how your properties are performing directly on the GVR tab.

  • Impressions: the number of times your property page is viewed on Google Travel

  • Click-through rate: the number of times a user clicks through from your Google Travel property page to your Direct property page

  • Bookings: the number of times that the guest, after being redirected to your Direct property page, completes the booking request and you confirm the reservation

Upcoming improvements

We have several improvements coming next to GVR:

  • ✅ Done: We now sync your aggregate review score from available OTA channels

  • ✅ Done: We now display your GVR listing status and URL in Hospitable

  • ✅ Done: We now support non-Hospitable sites

  • ✅ Done: GVR listing performance data is now visible on the Direct Channel tab

  • 🚧 Custom branding for GVR listings

  • Expanded amenity coverage

  • Syncing your Direct cancellation policy

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