If you've not heard about our Direct Bookings feature or would like to learn more before creating your first site, click here.

Getting Started: Step-by-Step

  • Click on Direct in your main menu, then select +Create new site.

  • Enter what you'd like your hosted subdomain to be in the text field. Click Next.

  • Select what properties you would like included on your site (all is selected by default). Click Next.

  • Taxes configuration not available yet - but when it is:
    This is where you will configure the applicable taxes for your properties. For US based properties, we integrate with Avalara to help easily determine the correct taxes. For non-US based properties, you will need to setup your taxes manually.

  • Click Create My Site.

    Once our full feature version of the direct bookings feature is released, you will also be able to setup your Guest Vetting and Insurance, as well as your Payment Processing, during this initial setup.

You will now be redirected to the Overview section for your direct site

At any point you can navigate here to preview your site before and after it's published, and to view you live your site.

  • If you want to connect a custom domain:

    • Select Domain from the sub-menu, and click the Add your own domain button at the top right.

    • Enter the domain you want to connect to.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your custom domain on your domain provider's dashboard (ie. GoDaddy, NameCheap, Google Domains, etc...).

  • Click Design in sub-menu, and then you can:
    Upload your site logo, hero (banner) image, enter a title and subtitle, link to your social accounts, write your 'about us', and enter your footer information.

    Click Save.

  • Select Properties from the sub-menu.

    This is where you can deselect properties you want to exclude from your site, and see if we're experiencing errors pulling any property details.

    Click Save.

  • Select Publish from the sub-menu. Click Publish Now to publish your site live!

Property Details

Our direct sites pull your property details and images from the lead listing of a property. All of your property details and images can be edited in the Property Details section of a property's page. To find this:

  • Select Properties from the main menu

  • Click on the property you wish to edit

  • Select the Details page in the sub-menu

Click here to learn more about optimal image sizes for your property photos and hero images.

Learn more about Direct booking widgets here.

Learn more about Direct booking links here.

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