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Lead Listings: Definition, Behavior, Selection
Lead Listings: Definition, Behavior, Selection

Learn about lead listings and what they do

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In addition to setting your lead platform, you can choose to set a lead listing. Setting a lead platform (Airbnb, for example), will mean that all properties default to Airbnb as the lead listing.

Setting a lead listing takes precedence over the lead platform. This can be helpful if you want to use another Vrbo as a lead listing for one of your properties while using Airbnb for the majority. Setting a lead listing is also useful if you have two listings (A/B listings) from the lead platform in one property.

Function of the Lead Listing

The lead listing is the one we rely on for calendar updates. Hospitable runs a rolling sync with your lead listing’s calendar every 4.5 hours. Any changes that we detect on your lead listing's calendar during that sync will be pulled in and displayed on your Hospitable calendar.

Depending on your sync settings, we will then push this information out to the other listings on the property.

Setting a Lead Listing

  • Click on Properties

  • Select your property

  • Click the three dots next to the listing you want to make your lead listing

  • Select Set as lead listing

If you have two listings from the same booking platform, then you can choose which of those listings is the lead listing. Please note that those listings have to have unique/different listing IDs.

A Note About Co-hosted Airbnb listings

When you connect a co-hosted Airbnb listing to Hospitable, you need the listing admin, as well. In this case, duplicate Airbnb listings will be on the same property. The listing admin listing will automatically be set as the lead listing. This cannot be changed.

If you want automated messaging to be sent from the co-host, then you will set that in the scoping of your messaging rules.

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