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Airbnb: How to Change the Host Account Messages Are Sent From
Airbnb: How to Change the Host Account Messages Are Sent From

For Airbnb co-hosted listings with more than one connected account, you can change the sender of manual and automated messages.

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Change the sender of automated messages

If multiple hosts are linked to the same listing and the same messaging rule, Hospitable will send the automatic message from the Listing Admin (otherwise known as Listing Owner) by default.

In order to send the automated message from a different co-host, you will need to remove the Listing Admin from the scope of the messaging rule.

  1. Click Messaging rules

  2. Click on the messaging rule name to open the rule editor

  3. Go to Hosts under the Scope section

  4. Remove the checkbox beside the Listing Admin

If you have a lot of messaging rules and need to complete this action for several of them at once, you may contact our support team to run the bulk edit on our end. This serves to deselect all Listing Admins from all messaging rules. Only Listing Admins that share a listing with another co-host currently connected will be affected.

Changing the sender of manual messages

You can also change which host account to send your manually written messages from.

  1. Go to Inbox

  2. Open the message thread

  3. On the left side of the text field where you type your message, there will be a dropdown arrow beside the host's photo/thumbnail. This will reveal all hosts connected hosts of the relevant listing.

  4. Select the preferred host.

Hospitable will remember the last host selected across all message threads in the Inbox.

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