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Can I send scheduled messages to guests who booked last-minute?
Can I send scheduled messages to guests who booked last-minute?
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Scheduled messages can be sent to guests who booked at the last minute.

A reservation is considered last-minute relative to the timing of your messaging rule. For instance, if the messaging rule is set to go out 3 days before check-in but the guest booked less than 3 days before check-in, it would be considered a last-minute reservation.

This criteria counts days in hours, so 3 days is equivalent to 72 hours. If a booking is placed exactly on the 3rd day before the check-in, but is less than 72 hours from the check-in time, then it is still considered a last minute booking.

To ensure your scheduled messages still go out to such guests:

  1. Go to Guest Experience and open the messaging rule

  2. Scroll down to Settings

  3. Make sure Exclude last minute bookings is deselected

With this option disabled, we will send the scheduled message 30 minutes after the last-minute reservation is confirmed.

Learn how you can tailor your booking confirmation message to include check-in instructions for last-minute bookings through this tutorial.

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