Locks connected via direct integration with the Schlage, August, Yale, and RemoteLock apps will be connected through our dashboard in the Apps section. Learn how to integrate these smart locks here.

Schlage App Integration


  • Encode

  • Encode Plus

To help you in your search for buying a supported lock, check out Schlage's list here:

August Home App Integration - coming soon...


  • Wi-Fi Smart Lock (ASL-04)

  • Smart Lock (ASL-3B)

  • Smart Lock (Pro ASL-03)

  • Smart Lock (ASL-02)

  • Smart Lock (ASL-01)

Yale Access App Integration - coming soon...


  • Yale Unity Entrance Lock (YUR/DEL/1/SIL)

  • Yale Doorman (L3 ASL-07)

  • Yale Linus Smart Lock (ASL-06)

  • Yale Smart Lock Pro (ASL-03)

  • Yale YDM3109A

  • Yale YDR3110A

  • Yale YDM3115A

  • Yale YDM4109A

  • Yale YDM4115A

  • Yale YDM7216A

  • Yale YDM7220

  • Yale J20A

  • Yale YMI70A

  • Yale Unity Security Screen Door

  • Yale Unity Entrance Lock - Fire

  • Yale Assure Lock

  • Yale Assure Lever

  • Yale Assure for Andersen

  • Yale YDR30GA

  • Yale YDR50GA

  • Yale YDR41A

  • Yale YDR414A

  • Yale YDF40A

  • Yale YDD424A

  • Yale YMF40A

  • Yale YDD724A

RemoteLock App Integration - coming soon...

August (connected via RemoteLock)

  • SmartLock + Connect

  • SmartLock Pro + Connect

  • Wi-Fi Smartlock

  • Smart Keypad

Yale (connected via RemoteLock)

  • All Assure Locks

  • All Assure Levers

  • All nexTouch Keypad Locks

  • Yale Access (CBA)

  • Z-Wave (must be paired with a Vera Edge or Vera Plus smart controller)

  • Smart Delivery Box

  • Smart Cabinet Lock

KeyInCode (connected via RemoteLock)

  • KeyInCode 4000 Series Lever (Wi-Fi, ReadyPIN (Algorithmic), and MIFARE Classic)

  • KeyInCode 5000 Series Lever (Wi-Fi, ReadyPIN (Algorithmic), and MIFARE Classic)

  • KeyInCode 6000 Series Lever (Wi-Fi, ReadyPIN (Algorithmic), and MIFARE Classic)

OpenEdge (connected via RemoteLock)

  • OpenEdge 500 Series Lever or DB (Wi-Fi)

  • OpenEdge 600 Series Lever (Wi-Fi)

  • OpenEdge 700 Series Lever (Wi-Fi)

  • OpenEdge 800 Series Lever (Wi-Fi)

Locks supported via RBOY Apps Integration

Any Z-Wave or ZigBee lock which supports remote programming and has a keypad can be supported by RBOY. Learn more about our RBOY Apps integration here.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of their most popular supported locks:

  • Yale Z-Wave/Plus locks (Assa Abloy, YRD2xx, YRD4xx, YRL2xx, YRC2xx, YDM7116, B1L, T1L, Keyfree, Assure, Touchscreen, Deadbolt, RealLiving, nexTouch) (DPS sensor)

  • Schlage Z-Wave/Plus locks (FE469, BE469, BE468, JFE109, FE599, BE369)

  • Kwikset Z-Wave/Plus locks (6xx, 8xx, 9xx, 620, 888, 910, 912, 914, 916, 954/Obsidian)

  • Vivint Z-Wave locks

  • IDLock Z-Wave/Plus locks (101/150) (door sensor)

  • Samsung Z-Wave/Plus locks (SHP-xxx, SHS-xxx)

  • Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro locks

  • Alfred locks

  • Delaney Z-Wave/Plus locks (ZWxxx)

  • Locstar Z-Wave/Plus locks

  • KeyWe Z-Wave/Plus locks (door sensor)

  • Philia Z-Wave/Plus locks (door sensor)

  • Popp Z-Wave/Plus keypad

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