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Why aren't reservations syncing from one booking channel to another?
Why aren't reservations syncing from one booking channel to another?

Are reservations not syncing from one listing to another? Here are some possible reasons why:

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When you get a new booking on one of your booking channels, we rely on what is called Reservation sync to push those changes over to your other listings. This should happen within a minute or so.

If you've received a reservation on one of your listings and it didn't block the dates on another listing under the same property, we should have sent you an email to warn you of the error so that you can take action to manually block the dates in question.

If a reservation failed to sync from one listing to another under the same property and you didn't receive that email, then please check to make sure your listings are merged correctly under the same property.

Are your listings merged under the same property?

If your Airbnb, VRBO and listings for the same physical property aren't merged together on our Properties page, then we don't know to sync reservations between them.

On the Properties page, these should all be merged together as one property. To merge two properties, simply tick the box next to each one and click the 'Merge' button that appears.

If your properties are merged correctly and a reservation failed to sync but you didn't get the warning email from us, then please contact us in support and we will happily take a look for you!

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