Guest experience is our suite of tools for busy short-term rental hosts that want to offer a stellar experience of their guests.

Guests experience consists of three components, all about automating the communication with your guests.

  • Messaging rules, automating your guest experience with messages from the first inquiry to check-out (and after!).

  • Review rules, automating the posting of your reviews to guests.

  • Questions, looking for potential questions to detect in your guests conversations, and reply to them.

Three other features can be used to help you deliver a personal experience to your guests:

  • Short codes are a great way to have some details from your guests, listings, or reservations populated on the fly. You can access them by typing % in your templates.

  • Custom codes are an additional way to either create your own variables, or add more personalization by adapting to the circumstances of each stay.

  • Canned responses save you time by saving pre-written messages for future (manual) use when communicating with your guests.

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