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Questions Overview

What the Questions AI feature is and how to use it effectively

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Question rules create automated replies to a question sent by a guest. Our AI detects question topics at all points throughout the reservation process, and will automatically provide the guest with the relevant answer you've created for the current stage of the reservation.

For example, a guest may ask about WiFi speeds before check-in but will likely ask for the WiFi password after check-in. Our Question Rules can provide your guests with the relevant answers to those questions.

Like other messaging rules, you can also customize your question rules to target guests at specific properties or from certain booking platforms, and designate hosts or co-hosts as the message sender. Question rules are sent (or, if you prefer, simply prepared) whenever we detect a specified question in the conversation.

Question Topics

Question rules can be adapted for each conversation stage (before a reservation is confirmed, before the check-in, and while the guest is staying).

Question topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Air Conditioning

  • Airport

  • Beach

  • Bicycles

  • Early Check-in

  • Fireplace

  • Firewood

  • Late Check-in

  • Late Check-out

  • Deposit

  • Discount

  • Hot Tub

  • Infants

  • Kitchen (including general questions about cooking)

  • Laundry

  • Streaming Services (ie. Netflix, Hulu, HBO)

  • Parking

  • Pets

  • Restaurants

  • Stairs

  • Swimming Pool

  • Trash

  • TV

  • WiFi

You can view the full list of question topics that Hospitable can detect here.

Question rules are not intended to respond to random comments or unique problems that need a specific answer. Rather, they are intended to provide quick answers to the questions guests are most likely to ask.

Because it takes extensive training to ensure that question detection is accurate, questions are limited to those on the topics list. If you'd like us to add a new question, you can make a feature request for a new question topic. We will announce when new question categories are being worked on and released.

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