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Direct Premium damage protection
Direct Premium damage protection

How it works, what's covered, and how to report an incident

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Every Direct Premium reservation is covered with US$5M damage protection from Superhog. We offer instructions here, and you can also read more about the damage protection plan on their site.

⚠️ Damage protection is not a replacement for valid Home/Property and Liability insurance. You are still required to carry your own insurance.

What's included in damage protection?

  • Accidental and malicious damage

  • Damage due to theft

  • Damage to belongings/contents

  • Damage to common/shared areas

What’s not covered?

  • General wear and tear/cosmetic damage

  • Damage not caused directly by a guest

  • Bodily injury suffered by a guest or host

  • Damage caused by a pet authorized on the reservation

  • Any other exclusions mentioned in their terms and conditions

How does it work?

When guests are making a booking and go through Direct Premium's guest verification flow, they must accept Superhog's terms and conditions. Guests are responsible for the costs associated with any damages that they might cause during their stay, and Superhog ensures that they honor that responsibility.

If you report an incident, Superhog will take over, and contact the guest to recover damages. If the guest fails to cooperate or covers only part of the damages, the additional compensation comes from Superhog's underwriters. Hospitable will work with Superhog to get you compensated as quickly as possible.

Note that each claim carries a $70 deductible that is deducted from the compensation, meaning this isn't designed for small claims like a clogged toilet or the guest leaving a sink full of dirty dishes.

Please report damages as soon as possible. Superhog will not accept claims if it has been more than 10 days from the checkout date.

Reporting an incident

When reporting an incident, the goal is to establish that damage happened, the cost of each damaged item, and support your claim with as much evidence as possible. An agent will review your evidence and make a determination whether compensation is justified.

Please submit an initial claim as soon as possible. You don't need to wait for all of the evidence to get your claim started; you can add additional supporting evidence later.

Save receipts for everything. Did you have to pay for excess cleaning due to the booking? Have an invoice ready. Take regular "before" images of your property so it's easier to establish the damage claim.

If you have an incident that resulted in damages during a reservations and would like to file a claim, you should send the following information to Hospitable's Support team [email protected].

  • The reservation ID
    You can find the reservation ID in the Inbox or Calendar by clicking on the red Details button. For Direct, the ID starts with "HOST-" followed by 6 digits.

  • The number of guests

  • A description of what happened

  • Classify the type of damage

    • Accidental damage

    • Malicious-damage

    • Deliberate damage

    • Theft by a guest

    • Theft by unknown

    • Loss of keys

    • Management fee

  • Have you contacted the guest in relation to the theft/damage?

    • If yes, please provide screenshots of all communication

  • Has the guest contributed to the cost of loss?

    • If yes, how much?

  • Are you seeking compensation from any other platform, guarantee or insurance policy?

    • If yes, from whom and for how much?

  • Have steps been taken to prevent/minimize further loss?

  • Confirm you have active underlying insurance on the property?

    • Please provide a scanned copy of your home and/or contents insurance certificate

For each damaged or missing item:

  • Item name

  • What happened to the item?

    • It’s damaged

    • It’s missing

    • It was stolen

    • It required unexpected cleaning

    • Other

  • Approximate age of the item in years

  • How much will it cost to replace or repair?

    • How did you arrive at this value?

      • Original receipt

      • Already paid to repair or replace

      • Received an estimate

      • Found same item online

      • My best estimate

  • Please provide photos of the damage and any receipts

    • Provide before pictures if possible, of what the item looked like before the damage

    • Provide the original images as well as the image showing a timestamp. If you take the images on your phone, you should be able to see the timestamp from your photo app. For iPhone users, just open the photo gallery and swipe up on the image (example below).

      A time-stamped image from iPhone

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