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Instant Book for Direct

Automatically accept qualified Direct booking requests

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Direct booking requests expire after 24 hours if you fail to accept or reject the request. If you prefer to automatically accept Direct booking requests, you can enable Direct's Instant Book feature. To get started, toggle on the feature from the Instant Book page, set an optional last-minute reservation buffer, and save your changes.

Last-minute reservations

You can specify the minimum number of days before check-in that are required for Instant Book to be applicable on a reservation. If a last-minute reservation comes in that is under your threshold, Hospitable will not automatically accept the request. If you set your threshold to zero days, all reservations will be eligible for Instant Book.

Instant Book for Direct Premium

As Direct Premium guests also must finish the Autohost verification check, Instant Book can really help make sure you don't miss any qualified booking requests. When enabled, Hospitable will accept booking requests automatically when the Autohost risk score is green. All other risk scores will require you to manually accept or reject the request.

How it works

  1. After a guest creates their booking request, they next proceed to guest verification.

  2. Once the guest finishes the guest vetting portal, Autohost assigns a risk color to the reservation.

  3. If you have enabled Instant Book and the risk color is green, the booking request will be immediately accepted after the guest finishes their verification.
    If the risk color is yellow or orange, the booking request will not be automatically accepted. You should manually accept or reject the booking from the Inbox within 24 hours of the booking request, otherwise the request will expire.

Instant Book for Direct Basic

For Direct Basic, if you enable Instant Book, all booking requests will be automatically accepted unless they fall within any last-minute reservation window you set.

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