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Manage promotions by configuring discounts to share with your guests.

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Direct Basic and Direct Premium customers can now generate promotions to share with their guests. We are starting with fixed rate discounts, meaning a specified value in the currency of your property, eg. $100 off when you book for at least three nights.

When you have an active promotion, we will add the text I have a discount code to the booking widget on your Hospitable site or custom site that allows guests to enter a promotion code.

Creating a promo code

Go to the Direct Promo Codes page in Hospitable to get started.

  1. Click the +Add New button in the top right corner.

  2. You can generate as many individual codes as you like for each promotion.
    Codes can be from 3 to 64 alphanumeric characters. Using different codes will allow you to track the performance of different campaigns and placements.

  3. Enter the amount of the discount and specify the currency.
    If you have properties with difference currencies, you will need to create a separate promotion for each currency, but they can use the same code.

  4. Set any optional restrictions to control how codes are used

    1. Expiration date
      This is the last date that a promo code can be used to request a new booking.

    2. Qualifying stay dates
      You can set start date, or specify a stay period by adding a start and end date, to control which nights can be booked using your promo code. All nights of the itinerary must fall within the period for the code to be applied.

    3. Number of uses
      This specifies the number of times this code can be redeemed in the aggregate across all of your guests. If a booking is declined or ultimately cancelled, it does not count as a use.

    4. Minimum length of stay

    5. Minimum booking value
      Specify a minimum value for the reservation to qualify for a promo code, calculated as the total amount of nightly rate and fees.

  5. Select the properties this code applies to.
    You will not be able to select properties if the property currency does not match or if a property is already using the same code.

Using a promo code

Whenever you have an active promo code, guest will see the text I have a discount code when making a booking. Clicking on that text will reveal a text entry field to submit a code, which Hospitable will then validate against any restrictions you may have set.

If the code fails to pass your restrictions, we will explain to the guest specifically why it doesn't qualify, eg. if the itinerary doesn't meet a minimum night stay requirement.

Regardless of the amount you set, Hospitable will cap the discount at 100% of the combined nightly rate (excluding all fees) of the reservation. For example, if you set a $250 promo code, and a guest has selected a two-night reservation at $100 per night, the code on that reservation would be worth only $200.

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