Custom quotes

Block dates, set a price, and generate a payment link for guests to complete the booking.

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Custom quotes allow Direct Basic and Premium hosts to generate a personalized quote for guests who may contact them outside of their Direct booking website. We'll hold a temporary block on the dates until the guest completes payment, or until the quote expires, unblocking the dates.

Benefits of using custom quotes

  • Set your own price
    We'll show you your current "retail" price on your Direct site and let you change your nightly rate and fees, including adding any special discounts or additional fees directly to the invoice.

  • Conditional calendar blocks
    Block dates and forget about it. If the guest doesn't make payment in time, we'll automatically remove the block.

  • Skip guest verification for returning Premium guests (coming soon)
    We auto-complete guest information for returning guests. The next step is to also retrieve pervious Autohost guest vetting results so returning guests don't have to complete verification again.

How to generate a custom quote

  1. Select dates on your Hospitable calendar

  2. Click +Add booking at the bottom of the right side bar

  3. Select Direct booking

  4. Enter all guest details you have plus the guest count

  5. Make any desired changes to the price

    1. This is an optional step, allowing you to edit values for your nightly rate and fees

    2. You can add any additional fees or discounts.

    3. Taxes and Direct Premium fee calculation update automatically

  6. Set the quote expiration time of 24, 48, 72 hours or 1 week.

  7. Confirm details and submit

  8. Hospitable emails a link to pay to the guest

As long as the guest makes payment before the expiration time, the quote will convert into a reservation. If you cancel the quote from the inbox, or if payment is not made, your calendar will be unblocked.

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