How to Connect an Airbnb Account
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Steps to connect to Airbnb with the Official Integration

Step 1:

  1. Log in to the Airbnb account you wish to connect

  2. If you are using a social authentication method to log in to Airbnb (such as Facebook or Google): you will need to create a password before proceeding to Step 2.

    1. Type in your email address

    2. Follow the instructions from the email that you will receive

    3. Reset your password (we recommend using a different one for Airbnb and Hospitable).

Step 2:

  1. In another browser tab, log in to Hospitable

  2. Click on Connected Accounts

  3. Click on Connect with Airbnb

  4. In the new Airbnb account popup:

    1. Confirm that you are logged in to your Airbnb account. Click Connect.

    2. Authorize our connection to Airbnb. Check the box "I agree to the Additional Airbnb Terms of Service". Click Allow

    3. On the success page, click Review imported listings. If the connection was unsuccessful, click Try Again.

    4. Review all the listings we found in your account.

    5. If you are not the Primary Listing Admin, also known as the Airbnb Listing Owner, click Invite Primary Accounts.

      Alternatively, if you have the Listing Owner’s Airbnb login credentials, you can connect the account directly by continuing to Step 3 below.

    6. After clicking on "Thanks, I'm Finished for Now" you will be redirected to your dashboard.

After successfully connecting your Airbnb account, please allow 30 minutes for all guest conversations to import to your account. While you may not see all conversations right away, we will still be able to detect new events (like a new reservation) and send messages to your guests.

(Optional) Step 3: Connect another account

If you wish to connect another Airbnb account to your Hospitable account:

  1. Log out of Airbnb

  2. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 above with all additional Airbnb accounts

You’re connected!

After completing the connection to Airbnb, you can expect Airbnb to work the same way it did prior to connecting. This means you can still communicate with your guests, send pre-approvals or decline guests, accept or reject requests to book, change your password or payout details, and do all the many operations you usually do on Airbnb.

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