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Here is how to get your listings connected to Hospitable!

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Before You Connect

First, we need to make sure that everything is set up on so that we can connect to your listing. If you are switching from another provider and have been using a Length of stay (LOS) rate plan, this will automatically be switched off upon connection.

In order to connect successfully, you'll need to make sure that:

  1. Your property is already created and set up in

  2. All imported calendars are removed. You can find this on under Rates & Availability > Calendar & Pricing > Calendar sync.

  3. Your property's status is set to Open/Bookable and your listing has the correct availability and inventory:

    1. Go to Rates & Availability > Calendar & Pricing > Calendar and click Bulk Edit.

    2. Set the date for "Up to and including" two years into the future.

    3. Set a price, click Save.

    4. Set the rooms to Open, click Save.

    5. Assign only one room, click Save.

Note: Please ensure your calendar is open/bookable before connecting, as blocked dates on your calendar (excluding reservations) may be unable to be opened up by Hospitable once you connect. You will be able to block dates from Hospitable after connecting.

The connection process must start on Hospitable!

Go to the Connected accounts page

  1. Click on the Connect with button

  2. Verify that your setup meets our requirements ✅

  3. Click on Manual Connection.

  4. Select the type of rate plan you use on

  5. Answer the questions about requirements (*note, we don't support hotel-type properties and imported iCals).

  6. Click Connect with

  7. A new tab or window will open, redirecting you to the extranet.

  8. Follow the connection flow on's site.

  9. If prompted, select the properties you wish to connect to.

  10. Confirm the connection.

  11. Go back to Hospitable and enter the email and accommodation IDs.

  12. Review the properties on Hospitable.

  13. Follow the flow to set your markup rate and Occupancy-based pricing settings. A markup rate is required, even if it's just set to 0.

It may take a few minutes for your listings to get pulled into Hospitable. Be sure to merge your listings with their corresponding Airbnb/VRBO listings.

Need to add more properties from an already connected account?

Simply repeat this process. When asked "How many properties do you manage under..." you put in the number of NEW properties you are attempting to add to your Hospitable account. Do not include the number of properties you have already connected.

After connecting your listing to us, will no longer allow you to manually edit the calendar on the Extranet. This will be done from Hospitable.

We do not change any of the settings of your connected channel or interfere with your usage of your booking channel. This means you can still communicate with your guests and accept or reject their requests to book, change your password or payout details, and do all the many operations you usually do on your booking channel.

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